Green Street in Greenpoint

     I moved to a box factory on Green Street, between Manhattan and Franklin avenues, in Greenpoint two months ago.  Every morning for the past two I months I awake to the sound of construction laborers/machinery working in the lot across the street, 110 Green St. I know my story can barely compare to those that have lived on this street longer than I.

One worker, who I see intermittently,  responsible for slowing down car traffic on the road always  gives me the same warning, “Slow down miss. Five miles per hour in a construction zone. I think you were going six.” I wave to the workers, now on the second floor of the development, as I walk home. They feel like family, in a weird, not familial way.

However, I have a haunting suspicion that those construction workers do more than work at that site. I’ve seen a make-shift structure, made of two by fours and plastic sheets, lit late in the evening with music playing. I never personally noticed the structure until a week or two ago. What are they doing in there?



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2 responses to “Green Street in Greenpoint

  1. I noticed it as well tonight. Perhaps there is a night watchman or something?

  2. Erin O'Neill

    That thought hadn’t really crossed my mind, but if it is a night watchman why aren’t they there every night? I only see lights on once in a while. Hmmm…

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