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Get the funk out!

Though I love my new home, Greenpoint stinks – literally. The Newtown Creek Water Pollution Control Plant (ie sewage plant) sits on the northern edge of Greenpoint Avenue, on the banks of the trickle of pollution known as Newtown Creek, and wafts the stink of sewage through the neighborhood – particularly in the heat of summer. In order to comply with the federal Clean Water Act, the city is upgrading some of the plant’s facilities, and removing others. However, the process is slow, and the smell lingers. Read the full story here.


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Rules of the Playground

Read my most recent story on a renovated playground at Red Hook, Brooklyn’s elementary school, Patrick F. Daly Public School 15.

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Back in action, almost

It’s the end of the semester. One more final project to complete tonight, one more rewrite to do this weekend and I’m finished. Until then, I’m published here.

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The news in brief

Thousands die.

Negroponte’s urge.

Japanese hunt.

North Koreans flee.

Renters’ woe.

Cyberspace addicts.

Buzzy resigns.

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The news in brief

Bonds indicted.

Bhutto freed.

Lohan jailed.

Starbucks scared.

Democrats debate.

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Death in Greenpoint

Two candles encased in red glass, one with a gold cross imprinted on the front, burn in front of a lamppost on the corner of Nassau and Manhattan avenues in Greenpoint as a memorial to Stanislaw Mazur.



Mazur, 53, of River Edge, N.J., died on October 24 from blunt impact to the head that caused his skull to fracture and his injured brain to hemorrhage. The medical examiner ruled the cause of death a homicide, according to medical examiner’s spokeswoman Ellen Borakove.


Read my full story here.

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Gratuitous Plug

I am officially published in a New York City newspaper. I’m very excited. Check it out here and here.

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