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Bush Says G20 Made Progress, Warns of Slow Recovery


Check out this piece I wrote for


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‘Mad Men,’ ‘The Sopranos’ and two alpha males

Check out this article Arienne Thompson and I put together for USA Today.

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Brooklyn bloggers show real faces

Erin O\'Neill

Check out my latest story on the Brooklyn blogging community published in the New York Daily News.

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Newsweek: From Silence to Circus

From Silence to Circu

Two of my classmates, Eliot Caroom and Lakshmi Gandhi, produced a multimedia package for Newsweek on the Quaker vote in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. You can find the video and story here.

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Telecommuters team together;

times square

or other ways to avoid Times Square.

By Erin O’Neill

Buried beneath our streets and seas lie the fiber optic cables that allow entire continents of people to communicate and trade in the economic phenomenon known as globalization. That same spidery web of cable connecting people in different countries has also spawned a new trend taking place in the cafes and bars of south Brooklyn.

At noon on a Thursday a health care consultant, graphic designer, architect and accountant sit in a French bistro on Smith Street in Carroll Gardens talking about the Spitzer scandal and things to do in Brooklyn – and not one of them took the day off. It is the office break room evolved – fitted for the needs of the growing population of Brooklynites that work from home.

“When you’re home all day it’s nice to find people to meet up for lunch,” said Ginger Smith Carls, a healthcare consultant who works from her home in Park Slope.

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Bagel stores in Brooklyn battle rising prices

Check out the multimedia package my classmate Kate and I put together.

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BoCoCa bleeds shades of blue

“Hillary! Hillary!” shouted a Clinton supporter to a neighbor wearing an Obama pin as she approached the Bethel Baptist Church this morning to cast her vote in New York’s presidential primary.

The unassuming place of worship on Bergen Street in Boerum Hill opened its doors at 6 a.m. to voters from Brooklyn’s community district six who predominantly and historically vote Democrat. However, the choice between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama proved divisive despite these neighborhoods’ agreement on political party.

Supporters of Clinton cited her personal strength and depth of experience as the driving catalyst behind their vote.

“This country is in crisis,” said Prima Jose, a Haitian immigrant living in Park Slope. “Hillary Clinton is the best candidate to end this crisis. I voted for her experience.”

Clinton’s depth of background in policy, economics and the world situation swayed the vote of Thomasina Webb of Cobble Hill. “Hillary has showed herself to be a really strong, clear-headed person. She is the best candidate,” said Webb. “She’s seasoned.”

Voters casting their ballot for Obama expressed a desire for a candidate free from the tentacles of Washington politics who is willing to challenge the status quo.

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