Missed and dissed

An attempt at love in Greenpoint goes down in flames.

Initial missed connection: “I left my wallet at the garden, you were behind me in line and chased me down to give it back to me.you were wearing a white knit snowhat. you were gone just as soon as you appeared.I thanked you and you quoted a line from breakfast at tiffany’s. “it could happen to anybody, it quite frequently does”. You had the biggest, bluest eyes I have ever seen and if you’re half of an angel in real life as you were to me yesterday, I would be a damn fool to not try and ask you out.I don’t know if you read these things, but I’ve seen you around the neighborhood and if anyone knows a girl named Holly, with shortish brown hair and a huge smile, will you please point her in this direction. please.”

Holly’s response: “Hi. first of all I was NOT going to give your wallet back because you were such an asshole to the girl at the counter, but I know how hard it is to get ID’s back. we were ALL waiting for coffee in that line and taking it out on the poor girl who had to put up with your BOUFFANT of an order is just rude. here’s an idea, stop being nice to people on the internet and start being nice to people in real life. Just cause she didn’t speak perfect english to you doesn’t make her stupid. Hi, you’re in greenpoint. it’s a polish neighborhood. stop making everyone cater to your agenda. seriously.”

Random response to the exchange: “Ha ha! Ouch. Greenpoint hath gone bye the Willyburg and the LES before… don’t forget the Soho and W.Vill… still never an excuse. Give ’em hell.


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Filed under Brooklyn, greenpoint, new media

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