Lost and Found

    Last Sunday, on my way home to southern New Jersey to attend a funeral, my brother and I stopped off at the pizza place around the corner from me. I pulled out my wallet, ready to pay, when my brother, the gentleman he is, paid for me. I put my wallet down on the counter, and sprinkled some crushed red peppers on our slices. I left, pizza box in hand.

Fast forward to an hour later, when I start digging through my oversized purse to pay for my bus ticket at Port Authority, to find, no wallet! As I rewinded my actions in my head, I realized that I left my wallet on the counter of the pizza place. We needed to leave, so, my brother paid for my ticket, and we left. I called the pizza place while we were waiting, but they had found no wallet. Convinced someone had taken the wallet I stupidly left on the counter, I called my bank and canceled my debit and credit card. Despondent, I laid back and prepared for the three hour ride to Atlantic City.

I woke up two hours later as we were cruising down the parkway. I checked my phone for the time to realize I missed a call from my roommate. She left a message. A message that said a girl that lives in the apartment down the hall from us returned my wallet – money and credit cards in tact. She told my roommate she found the wallet in the hallway of our building. I don’t know how that happened. I know I had my wallet at the pizza place. Anyway, I came home on Monday to a wallet with everything in it.

So, whoever you are, thank you! I owe you more than you will ever know! If you ever read this, email me, tell me the story, and I’ll buy you a beer or three!


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  1. that was me

    your welcome

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