Painting in the park

No dung flew in Union Square this morning, nor were handcuffs latched behind the back of Scott LoBaido.

LoBaido, a right-wing antagonist and artist, unveiled his most recent painting, “Love Fest” at noon on 14th Street and Broadway to a crowd more enthralled with a commercial shoot for the anti-tobacco campaign, TheTruth, than his rendering of Hillary Clinton and other prominent Democrats setting fire to an American flag and consorting with Osama bin Laden.


LoBaido is making a career of lambasting the left with paintings like “KO,” a portrait of President George W. Bush knocking out Michael Moore and “200 MPH,” a depiction of President Bush as a racecar driver about to run over the Democratic donkey. This newest piece points blame at the Democratic Party for failures in American foreign policy.

“Our troops would have been home two years ago if it wasn’t for jackasses like this,” said LoBaido, as he pointed to Senators Clinton and Harry Reid, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and billionaire George Soros.

“They just want to lose this war to piss off this administration,” he said. “If everybody put their heads together and let these generals and this military do what they are supposed to do, we could have been out of there already.”

Though LoBaido concedes the current administration’s faults, he said, the Democrats are worse. “I would rather eat a rotten apple than a rotten apple with worms in it.”

LoBaido’s art and protest has led to his arrest more than a dozen times, such as when he threw horse dung at the Brooklyn Museum of Art in 1999. However, this outdoor opening provoked nothing more than the nods of approval or distaste from passing pedestrians.


“I think it is accurate,” said onlooker Freddy Forman. “The Republicans are up front about what they are doing, but the Democrats are secretive. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were funneling money into terrorism in some strange and twisted way.”

“I agree with it,” said Rosemary Quinn.

Shareef Muhammad felt differently. “I think it is a good painting, but they don’t have the enemy of the state on there. They don’t have George W. Bush,” he said.

“‘Why is Hillary Clinton there? I don’t get it. Hillary isn’t bad, but Bush is nasty,” said Dan Ruggiero.

“This is really nasty. I think it’s disgusting,” said Amy Gigante.

LoBaido, the Republican who worships Ronald Reagan, wishes for a return to that administration’s policies. “The Republicans have lost their balls. I want them to get their balls back. I am pissed off at everybody, but right now this is who I am pissed off at,” said LoBaido as he returned to painting hearts around the edges of “Love Fest.”



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